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Environmental efforts made by the Japanese paper industry

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Waste measures

Waste generating from paper mills is mostly sludge and the rest include waste wood, paper waste, and waste plastics. The increased use of recovered paper as raw material has led to an increased generation of organic sludge. Most of the waste is incinerated and the recovered heat is often used to supplement the energy requirements of the mill. The residual cinder is used effectively in the form of raw material for cement.

The Japanese paper industry once set the numerical target of reducing the final disposal volume of industrial waste to 350,000 tons by FY2015, which was met successfully. As a new goal for FY2016 or later, the industry also set the numerical target of reducing the volume to 130,000 tons by FY2020, and continues to work on waste reduction.

Final disposal amount of industrial waste
Efficient utilization rate of industrial waste [wet weight basis]