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About Us

About Us

We are the association formed by major paper companies with the aim to promote development of the Japanese paper industry and are engaged in the following activities through the committee members:

  • *Exchange of views and information among members
  • *Research for production of paper, paperboard and pulp at home and abroad
  • *Collection, preparation and announcement of information, data and statistics of the industry
  • *Publicity activities
  • *Others that are necessary to achieve the aim


  • NOZAWA Toru

    Chairman of JPA, Chairman of General Affairs Committee , and Chairman of Pulpwood Committee
    (President of Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.)

  • KAKU Masatoshi

    Vice Chairman of JPA, Chairman of Paper Committee , and Chairman of Labor Committee
    (President of Oji Holdings Corporation)

  • OTSUBO Kiyoshi

    Vice-Chairman of JPA, Chairman of Paperboard Committee
    (Chairman of Rengo Co., Ltd.)


    Vice Chairman of JPA, Chairman of Pulp and Recovered Paper Committee
    (President of Hokuetsu Corporation)

  • TACHIFUJI Yukihiro

    Vice Chairman of JPA, Chairman of Engineering and Environment Committee
    (President of Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd.)

  • OGAWA Tsunehiro

    President of JPA

  • OKUDA Tatsuyuki

    Managing Director of JPA

  • KAWASAKI Masayuki

    Managing Director of JPA

  • AKIYAMA Tamio

    Managing Director of JPA

As of 29 May 2020